Doing Business in India

With a population of almost 1.5 billion people, an expanding economy and a rapidly growing middle class, India provides massive opportunities for foreign companies to do business, especially since the Indian Government has relaxed restrictions on foreign direct investment. 

With a huge increase in demand for quality, foreign made goods the Indian market is enormous for companies who can get their offer for the Indian market just right and India has also become an excellent option for manufacturing and sourcing products due to the large, well-educated workforce and relatively lower costs.

However, because Indian business culture is quite different in many respects from the business culture in western countries, there are challenges to overcome before foreign companies can be successful in the Indian market. 

We are here to help you identify and overcome these challenges

Finbarr Buckley founder of Dunbarry Consultancy and Training has many years of experience living, working and doing business in both Ireland and India. For many years he ran his own company, manufacturing and sourcing products all over India. He is now a Business Consultant for foreign organisations who wish to establish and develop their business in India. He also works as a Corporate  and Educational Trainer all over India.        

Full Service Corporate Training Provider with offices in India and Ireland.

Catering to the Training Requirements of Major Corporates and leading Educational Institutions

No two training needs are the same so we specialize in developing and implementing a tailor made training experience for your organization.

Many organisations struggle in recruiting and maintaining quality employees. Research shows that those companies who invest in training for their employees have a better retention rate and higher satisfaction rate among the employees.

Founder and Lead Trainer Finbarr Buckley, has vast experience training top educators and senior executives around the world. He has developed the PERI Model  (PLAN – EXECUTE – REVIEW – IMPROVE) which is used both in the training and business coaching arenas. This model provides a sustaining and continual performance improvement and helps to ingrain the idea of continuous professional development in employees